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All of Alberta

Services Offered

We offer 1st, 2nd, and 3rd mortgages based on the equity of your home, with discounted rates.

Farm Equity | Refinancing

Getting equity out of agricultural land and on properties where either commercial or even hobby farming operations are ongoing, can be very difficult to arrange. Most traditional mortgage lenders are unable to help on homes with acreage in excess of 10 acres, and will not consider these properties if any farming activity is ongoing. A1 Equity can! We have a number of different options to help. Inquire here

Non-Traditional Lending

Services available for borrowers who do not meet traditional lending criteria. These can include:

  • Difficult to prove employment verification

  • Bruised credit

  • Bankruptcies

  • Debt Consolidation

    Are you struggling with your bills & credit card debt? We can help by lowering your monthly payments by paying out high interest debt such as:


    • your credit cards
    • department store cards
    • loans and other payments

    End up with one easy monthly payment and reduce your interest rates

    Business Aid

    Get cash flow to maintain and grow your business. Waiting for receivables? We have the cash now! No income or financial verifications required.

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    With the cost of education soaring day by day utilize the equity in your home to further you or your child’s education. Don't let those high tuition costs stop you from building towards a better tomorrow!

    Short Term Financial Help

    Unexpected and unwelcome suprises happen to all of us, things like emergency home repairs, car repairs and travel plans. We offer short term mortgages just to help with a temporary financial issue. 

    Tax Issues (CRA)

    Waiting to pay off any tax debts is an expensive proposition with CRA's interest rates being as high as some credit cards, even a little amount owed can add up quickly. Pay off those outstanding taxes and let go of the stress!

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